The Building

    In 2003, UNESCO declared Tel Aviv's White City neighborhood as a world heritage site due to a large cluster of international structures which are found in it. The Diaghilev is a significant part of it and its unique Bauhaus structure has since been preserved under strict UNESCO protection and guidelines.  

    The Building was built in 1934 by architects Joseph & Ze'ev Berlin, and was previously used as the first printing house for the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz."

    In 1994, the building was restored and a new wing was added for the sole purpose of building a hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv. 

    The Art

    In accordance with its concept, The Diaghilev is a lot more than a hotel. The Diaghilev also operates as an art gallery, displaying original art exhibitions of Israeli artists throughout the hotel, including hallways and suites.

    The exhibitions change every six months and are curated by various professional curators who specialize in Israeli art. All of the artwork displayed is offered for sale.

    The Total Experience

    The Diaghilev Hotel advocates uniqueness and offers an experience that is different. From the moment of arrival, every guest receives close personal attention and friendly care.

    The uniqueness continues when our guests enter their room. Every space is specially furnished and has its own design esthetic- no two rooms are alike.

    In the shower, you can find toiletries by Es-sense which employs people with special needs to incorporate them into society. The products are made purely from natural ingredients and many of them are produced from plants the company grows itself.